About SHY® Zip Fastener System

SHY® Zip Fastener System

SHY® Zip Fastener System is originated from Japan and have been introduced to the market since 1988.

The system is patented and have won worldwide recognition for its innovative usage of the now commonly known as Zip to retain fabric in its side channel resulting in a fully sealed blind whether it is used indoor or outdoor.

In Singapore, SHY® Zip Fastener System is not new to the local market. It has established itself in the architectural industry for the past years. As the pioneer in the industries coupled with the growing demand in the market, SHY® Zip Fastener System is extending its products to the end consumer.


  SHY Zip Blind








What are the advantages of using SHY® Zip Fastener System for the balcony?

  • Easy Operation
  • Light Cut-off
  • Energy Saving・Noise Cut-off
  • Sag Prevention
  • Scattering Prevention
  • Bug Cut-off
  • Multi-purpose Design Possible
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Large Size Possible
  • Dust etc Prevention



Things to note prior to installation:

To be fully effective, the blinds must be installed perpendicularly so that the operation of the blinds will be smooth. As such, most balcony will have a certain gradient and hence do expect some gaps on the sides, top and bottom of the system. A layer of silicon is usually used as a finishing while any other will be discuss during evaluation on site.

For wider width or height, there may be welded joint line on the fabric which is pretty common in the industries. User will be notify on the estimate visibility of these joint prior to productions. Another notable situation that may occur is that the fabric may slightly waved or concave at the mid position. This is usually due to tension weight on the roller fabric. 

Audible vibration are common when associates with site that have a wider gradient or ceiling that is made up of gypsum ceiling board.