Fabric FAQ

What is the difference between  MagicalTex® & Serge Ferrari®?

MagicalTex® is our in house fabric brand that is manufactured in China using German imported polyester yarns from the renowned Honeywell group. It is weave using the top of market Dossier range industrial machines. Fabric has been tested for its durability and more important the distortion below 2% for outdoor conditions. 

Serge Ferarri® is the premium fabric for outdoor from France. Serge Ferrari® develops their coating (patented Précontraint® process) and finishing. They also spins their own yarn and weave their own base cloths. This technique ensures superior strength and stability.

Pricing will be considerable lower for MagicalTex® versus Serge Ferrari®.

Both fabric served its function well with perforation of 5 %, cutting UV up to 95%. However in term of heat absorption Serge Ferrari has the edge over latter. 

What size can my blinds be?

MagicalTex® comes in various width sizes of 2 meter, 2.5 meter and 3 meters. 
Serge Ferrari® comes in width of 2.67 meter. 
Both fabric can be welded to fabricate wider width up to 4 meters. 
Do check with site technician who can advise accordingly. 

How should I maintain the fabric? 

For manual and motorised outdoor system, do raise the fabric at least halfway during strong wind conditions so that to reduced stress loading in the fabric. 

However for all system, do allow the fabric to be lowered after a downpour so that moisture and trapped water within the fabric can be dried. This will prevent the build up of micro organism.

How do I clean the fabric? 

You may choose to do regular cleaning of the fabric by using 1 part of mild detergent to 10 part water and follow by rinsing with water.

What does the warranty covers? 

The warranty cover manufacturer defects, defects that is caused by poor installation or deterioration caused by in proper manufacturing process.

What are manufacturer defects ?
General manufacturer defects refers to conditions that would occurs during the process of manufacturing.
Examples of manufacturing defects are as follows:-
Bad selvage, loose weaving, oil spot, double pick etc. 
Usually these can be visible under strong light condition. We will be provide a change of fabric for such conditions. 
What is covered under the warranty page?
The warranty covers the manufacturing defects as above for 2 years. 
Please refer to the warranty pages for full details, terms and conditions.