MagicalTex® Sunscreen Fabric is made of Polyester yarn and PVC, which is widely used in blocking out the harmful elements of strong shining sunlight and ultraviolet ray, and performs perfect in the sun-shading field. It is a versatile solution for all who want to enjoy the outdoors without risking too much sun and heat exposure. The innovative, breathable fabric will allow heat to escape while cooling the area, reducing temperatures up to 15 degrees.


  • 100% brand new green healthy polyester & PVC (additive) material, with special thermal bonding and cladding technique, which makes our fabric odour free & no effect to human's health.
  • Using the renowned Honeywell high strength & low shrink rates industrial use polyester fiber, making the fabric neat , tight & dimensional stable, no curling selvage problems, distortion or shape changing.
  • By using healthy PVC material and additives, it makes the fabric soft, fire-resistant & achieving grade 8  in color fastness thus making the colour fading unlikely.
  • The weaving machine is imported, making the strips absolutely straight, make the fabric perfect, the strips will not go in weave.
  • Strict quality control, make sure low defects rates and every inch of fabric you buy is all perfect