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DOOYA® is growing to be a leading manufacturer of smart home system and window & door automation. The company fully complles with ISO9001 quality system, with systematized and standardized operational process to ensure long term consistent high-quality output.

Dooya products are promoted under its own brand. The company also provide OEM products and services to export market.

 Dooya has adopted most advanced U-shape assembly line which ensures an efficient flow of the process and material, a reliable CPK rate to secure the quality standard of final products. With its ERP system, Dooya manage the lead time efficiently and ensure the on-time delivery rate. is a proud authorised distributor in Singapore whom we worked closely with the parent company in Ningbo, China. Our local installation representatives from Work Pro are sent regularly for product training and installation expertise.

Dooya products have been verified by various international safety authorities such as CE, VDE, TUV, UL, FCC, ROHS, and CCC, and have been proved compliant to the most strict safety requirements in global market akin to the major brands.

These are export sets which is not parallel to any reseller of the same brand sold locally or through the China ecommerce website.  

For, all our motors are schedule for batched production every month hence ensuring short storage period and by adopting the first in first out policy, you can be assured that all motor delivered is as close to production date as possible.

By maintaining stock and parts in singapore, we have shorter lead time in our deliverance and also providing our customer with a peace of mind especially when there are servicing or replacement that needs to be made. As such, all motors bought from have local comprehensive 5 years warranty subjecting to terms and conditions. motors are specifically programed with built in receiver readily paired with remote control.One standout function is that they are also smart home ready for Dooya smart home automation system or other compatible system. This gives you control using your smart devices whether it is at home or even on the move.

Most importantly, while ensuring high quality, reliability, functionality and serviceability, it doesn’t comes with a hefty price tag.


DM35E / DM45E
E: Electronic
Electronic Limit + Built-in Receiver + Resistance and stop function
Dooya DM35E
Electronic type tubular motor with the diameter of 35mm, available for motorized roller blinds, motorized projection screen and motorized wooden Venetian blinds
• Electronic type tubular motor with the diameter of 45mm, available for motorized awnings, motorized roller blinds, motorized roller doors and motorized projection screens
Available in the super high occasion, up to 20 meters or higher (for roller blinds)
With the button of coding function for easy addition of new transmitters, installation and debugging.
With personalized set of the mid-limit point; not only to achieve the shading effect, but also to ensure indoor light.
Up resistance and stop function
Down resistance and stop function: resistance and stop mode, resistance and rebound mode, resistance and rebound to the up limit point mode
To set up and down limit automatically
Precise limit, with automatic correction for the displacement of the brake.
The electronic limit tubular motor is more suitable for the installation of place inconvenient to adjust the limit such as outdoor
To use Dual Hall sensor and acquire the rotor rotation pulse signal with higher reliability
Compatible with all Dooya remote control

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