Motor FAQ

What is the difference between DOOYA® and SOMFY® motors?

  • The apparent physical differences is the tube diameters.
  • DOOYA® provides the options of DM35mm and 45mm diameters. 
  • SOMFY® Altus series diameters is 40 mm and 50mm. 

What is the similarites between DOOYA® and SOMFY® motors?

  • Both motors have similar torque of  6NM and10 NM. They can be control using radio frequency and works on the 433 MHz. Both set have international certification i.e.Ingress protection with a rating of IP44, Ce, Fc and TUV.

Why is there a relative differences in pricing between DOOYA® and SOMFY® motors?

  • DOOYA® tubular motors pricing are relatively lower in cost as they are manufactured in China and export to Singapore. 
  • SOMFY® motors are made in Tunisia and France with a relatively higher cost as compared. 

Can the DOOYA® and SOMFY® motor be controlled using smart system or using independent smart home system?

  • DOOYA® and SOMFY® can be compatible to independent smart home system through Radio Frequency. 
  • DOOYA® and SOMFY® however have their stand alone devices to allow user to ultilise their smart phone or tablet to control the blinds. You may check with the sales person for further details. 

What is the warranty for DOOYA and SOMFY motors? 

  • DOOYA® and SOMFY® both have 5 years manufacturer warranty from the date of the manufacture.
  • The warranty schedule for SOMFY® is first year free while DOOYA® is up to 3rd year free. 
  • Please refer to the warranty pages for full details, terms and conditions.