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Serge Ferrari S.A.® of France has been manufacturing superior quality architectural, solar protection, marine, marquee and industrial textiles since being founded in 1973. Based in La Tour Du Pin near Lyon, Serge Ferrari has progressively built an outstanding reputation as a global leader and innovator in the diverse markets which it serves.

Serge Ferrari is vertically integrated - spinning their own yarn, weaving their own base cloths, right through to coating (patented Précontraint® process) and finishing.

Soltis series textiles simultaneously offer efficient thermal protection and allows greater supply of natural light, while maintaining an exceptional level of transparency and outside visibility.

Soltis 96/W96 provides excellent thermal and visual performance, controlling the heat gain impacts of solar radiation, whilst providing glare free outward visibility and enhancing occupant comfort levels.

Manufactured using Serge Ferrari patented Précontraint® technology, the textile ensures superior strength and stability, enabling Soltis 96 to maintain its shape and performance in demanding shade applications.


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  • A woven base cloth of high tenacity polyester threads
  • A coating with the membrane under constant tension in both the warp and weft directions throughout the entire manufacturing process
  • A high performance polymer surface layer with a constant and greater thickness over the top of the yarns,
  • A dirt-resistance surface treatment.
  • Un traitement de surface anti-salissure

Controlled dimensional stability

Précontraint Serge Ferrari technology guarantees the material’s exceptional dimensional stability, which is almost identical in warp and weft directions. Deformation resistance in the weft direction exceeds that of conventional coated fabrics. This exclusive advantage is very important during textile tensioning.

Précontraint Serge Ferrari composite materials offer high resistance to stretching due to their very low absorbency.

In addition, due to the dual advantage exceptional stability and straight threads, Précontraint Serge Ferrari composite materials stretch three times less with the weft than conventional coated fabrics.

Serge Ferrari

Longation in the weft direction under a 200 daN/m load over a period of 100 hours.Then residual elongation without load.

Totally controlled uniformity

The bi-axial tension central to Précontraint Serge Ferrari® technology ensures rigorous control of weft threads and absolute running thread compliance throughout all production batches.Serge Ferrari

Précontraint Serge Ferrari® membranes ensure total compliance along the thread, (identical throughout all production batches).
 Serge FerrariThe weft threads of conventional coated fabrics deform significantly and variably depending on the production batches.

Enhanced durability

Material lightness during handling is an important criteria in facilitating making up and installation. Précontraint Serge Ferrari® technology ensures this lightness, whilst guaranteeing a thicker coating layer at the top of the yarns. The polyester base cloth is therefore better protected against climatic conditions.

Soltis 96 textiles reject up to 95% of solar energy, lowering energy consumption requirements of air-conditioning or HVAC systems. REACH compliant and 100% Texyloop® recyclable, the textile is ideal for use in environmentally focused building projects.

Width 267 cm
Weight 400 gsm
Gauge 0.45 mm
Roll Length 40 m
Fabric Type Mesh
Openness Factor 4%
Other Features Précontraint® technology
Construction PVC coated polyester base cloth
Fabrication Technique
  • High frequency welding
  • Wedge welding
  • Hot air welding
  • Sewing
  • Ultra sonic welding
Flame Retardancy
  • AS 1530.3
  • AS 3837
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • 100% Texyloop recyclable


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